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This facility is currently closed, but will be open again on: Monday, 20 February 2017 from 8:30am - 5:00pmview full opening hours here

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IT Centre:


The IT Centre is one of the largest in Scotland, and consists of an open plan teaching area boasting over 100 PCs and 80 BYOD workstations. In the first 7 weeks of term, the IT Centre sees (on average) around 1,000 students a day – that means a new student comes in every 30 seconds!

All desktop computers are primed with office software and internet access, and all Apple iMacs are equipped with the latest in graphics software. This outstanding facility gives students, staff and the public access to IT facilities and training. There are two main areas:

  • The Main Teaching Zone acts as the ‘body’ of the IT centre. Desk groups are timetabled in the same was as a classroom, and classes take priority, but otherwise PC’s may be used freely. Please note, you may be asked to move if a class is starting. Tables 1-33 are normally booked for use with IT classes.
  • The Flexi-Use Area is situated on the left as you enter the IT Centre. There are 48 PC’s and 5 Apple iMacs in this section. They are for individual use, and are never scheduled for use by classes. Machines numbered F1-F48 and M1-M5 are intended for students to use out with class time.

Please note that some Flexi PCs and Apple iMacs have specialist software installed. This means students who need to use such software will be given priority on these machines over students using standard software such as email, office apps and web browsing.

Current hardware and software capabilities include:

  • PCs (217 machines)
    Dell Optiplex 760 SF, 4GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Due (3GHz), 160GB Hard Disk, CD/DVD RW Drive and 22 inch widescreen monitors
  • Apple iMacs (5 machines)
    G5, 1GB RAM, 3GHz Processor, 25OGB Hard Disk, CD RW/DVD RAM Drive and 20 inch monitors
  • Printers
    Five A4 black and white duplex printers
    A4 colour printer
  • Scanners
    Colour A4 scanners for both PCs and Macs can be signed out from the IT Centre Reception

The Recharge Zone

This area allows students to recharge their own personal mobile devices such as laptops and tablets.

Enabling Technologies

Enabling technologies are different resources that the College has put in place to ensure that the IT facilities available are widely accessible to all students and staff.

Height adjustable tables

Specifically designed for wheelchair users, the table has a work surface with a cut out area for better access, as well as a built-in hand crank for adjusting the height.

Custom left-handed mouse

Specifically designed for left-handed computer users, we can provide a left-handed mouse for those who require it.

Various keyboard options

The IT Centre offers a variety of different keyboards to suit the needs of different users. These include metal encased keyboards designed for curving of the wrist, large key keyboards for the visually impaired, combination keyboards and trackerball keyboards.

Document holders

These act as an easel for documents and allow you to position different files at the most appropriate height and angle for ease of use.


Height adjustable foot rests are designed to keep users’ feet supported. This can ease the pressure on the lower back and therefore reduce the chance of leg problems caused by extended inactivity.

Laptop stands

These stands are adjustable to offer optional viewing angles for increased comfort.


These are ideal for loading pictures, images and photographic prints on to a computer. They are also preloaded with software which will enable you to edit and manipulate your images.

Trackerball and Joystick

The Trackerball and Joystick alternatives are specifically designed to bring the point and click manoeuvre of the mouse to users with under or exaggerated arm movement.

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IT Centre

North East Scotland College

Aberdeen City Campus


Aberdeen AB25 1BN

Telephone: 01224 612260

You'll find the IT Centre in the Lower Ground Floor of the Aberdeen City Campus Tower Block.

Opening hours

Monday8:30am - 5:00pm
Tuesday8:30am - 5:00pm
Wednesday8:30am - 5:00pm
Thursday8:30am - 5:00pm
Friday8:30am - 5:00pm

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