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Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

North East Scotland College is committed to environmental sustainability, where the needs of the present do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We are committed to the dual ethos of sustainability and responsible global citizenship. We recognise that various activities may have effects on sustainability, and as a result we will ensure legislative compliance and where practicable, exceed this minimum requirement by incorporating sound sustainability management practices throughout all aspects of College operations.

All North East Scotland College campuses, including Fraserburgh Campus which was successfully accredited in July 2014 with no noted non conformities or minor observations are fully accredited with the Environmental Management System (EMS) bsi ISO14001.

North East Scotland College is committed to continuous improvement and through implementing an Environmental Management System the general management of environmental performance in North East Scotland College has been greatly improved benefiting both staff and students. Great emphasis is placed on external endorsements as this demonstrates that high standards are being achieved which are set out within the College. It is for this reason the College decided to formalise all its environmental initiatives and improvements and implement an EMS. As an EMS is a structured framework for the assessment and management of an organisation’s environmental impacts and for the incremental improvement of environmental performance this seemed like the best route for the College to take. Implementing an EMS enabled the College to incorporate organisational structure, practices, procedures, processes and resources for environmental management.

The College is very aware of its educational, organisational and social responsibilities; therefore in promoting environmental sustainability through ISO14001 the College promotes knowledge, attitudes and skills that enable all staff and students to make decisions relating to the impact of their actions on the environment. All staff and students are encouraged to act in ways that promote a sustainable environment through reducing, reusing and recycling and implementing safe and ethical disposal procedures.

The College has produced an Environmental Policy Statement which outlines key aims and objectives.

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Environmental & Social Sustainability Strategy

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An Eco-Friendly College

At North East Scotland College we like to keep things as eco-friendly as possible. This means we encourage students and staff where possible to walk or cycle to work, use public transport and make the most of our technological capabilities.

Walking and Cycling

Walking or cycling in to College will keep you fit, and the best thing is it doesn’t cost a penny!

The College has invested in secure bicycle lockers which can be located directly across from the Loch Street car park entrance to the College at City Campus and within the car park at Altens Campus. For further information on how to obtain a secure Bikeaway locker please contact our Environmental and Sustainability Manager.

Car Sharing

At the College’s City Campus five parking spaces for use by multiple occupancy vehicles have been made available to encourage car sharing and promote environmentally sustainable travel. Eligibility for a Multiple Occupancy Parking Permit (MOPP) is restricted to permanent members of College staff based at City Campus who live outwith a 17 mile radius of City Campus. For further information please view the procedure on Abnet or contact our Environmental and Sustainability Manager.

Use of Public Transport

Here at North East Scotland College, we would encourage student and staff to make use of Public Transport if possible.

Teleconferencing and Video Conferencing

The use of online communications is a great way to save time and money whilst avoiding unnecessary travel. We employ these resources wherever possible.

Environmental Policy

The aim of this policy is to ensure that the College conducts its business in a manner that minimises its environmental impact as far as is practicable. This will be achieved by:

  • Complying fully with relevant Environmental Legislation.
  • Promoting sound environmental management practices in curriculum and administrative support activities.
  • Increasing awareness of environmental responsibilities amongst staff and students.
  • Minimising waste and preventing pollution via effective waste management practices.
  • Implementing a purchasing policy which will, in addition to cost and quality, consider the extent to which providers promote environmentally friendly products and services.
  • Exploiting the opportunities to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and the consumption of water.
  • Avoiding the unnecessary use of non-environmentally friendly materials, substances and processes.
  • Encouraging the use of modes of transport which reduce and minimise the impact on the environment.
  • Integrating appropriate environmental elements into academic and vocational courses across the curriculum where feasible.
  • Minimising the environmental impact of new buildings during their construction and their use.

North East Scotland College is committed to continuous improvement and maintaining an accredited Environmental Management System (EMS).