Moving Image Network

Supporting Moving Image education in your classroom!

Our aim is to create a network of teachers to share good practice, provide support and increase confidence during Covid 19 and the challenges that teachers face.

It has never been so critical to up skill and use digital technology. Moving Image education can help enhance home learning and engagement with young people. It helps us stay connected and supported in these strange times. Moving Image texts dominate our culture and learning spaces in 2020.

Learn how to use it and enhance your students work skills for the digital age and to give them ways to share their narratives and encourage digital literacy during this critical period.

North East Scotland College are presently teaching weekly classes online to school children and teachers. If you are interested in learning how to use Moving Image education with your school or staff team please just get in touch.


North East Scotland College (NESCol) has a suite of short courses to utilise moving image in the classroom (swipe or drag to view all)

Moving Image Analysis for the Classroom

4 twilight sessions (15:30-17:00)
12 Jan & 26 Jan | 9 Feb & 23 March

A short on-line course for teachers who want to embed Moving image education in their teaching. Teach your pupils how to read films & make films, bringing the curriculum to life. Help consolidate learning and literacy using: the 3C’s and 3S’s, Grid analysis for factual films, sound & vision, storyboarding and practical film making. This course requires use of i-pads or Android devices and uses the iMovie or Film maker pro app.

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Fake news and factual film making for school children

16th Feb or please contact to arrange twilight sessions for your school

Fake news is a serious problem for children and young people, threatening their wellbeing, trust in journalism and democracy itself. The commission on fake news and critical literacy found that only 2% of children and young people in the UK have the critical skills they need to tell if a news story is real or fake. Fake news is driving a culture of fear and uncertainty in young people. Based on the findings of the Fake news report by the National literacy trust this course explores its findings and looks at how to educate children to read moving image factual texts. This course also teaches basic factual film making so you can make short news reports or documentaries in your classroom.

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Filmmaking on your Phone for Science Teachers

17th Feb or please contact to arrange 4 twilight sessions for your school

A course for science teachers who want to use filmmaking in their classroom. Working in partnership with Aberdeen science centre. Teachers will learn to read moving image texts that are used in the scientific community and in popular media. Teachers will also learn how to film and edit content that can be used to help consolidate learning in the science department.

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Can Film-making be used to improve health and well being in young people?

I am looking for teachers who would like to take part in film making exercises with their students around health and well-being. You will learn how to read moving image texts with your students and you will learn how to make films with your students. I am looking for teachers to record and evaluate their findings over a 4 month period. There will be a fee for taking part in this project and collating evidence for a report that will be given to Creative Scotland.

Filmmaking on your Phone for Art Teachers

4 twilight sessions – please e-mail to book a session for your cluster

With Charlotte Prodger winning the Turner Prize and many artists working in Moving Image, learn how to use your smart phone in the classroom to inspire the next generation of artists. This course will also introduce you to the artists that use film as an art form. This course uses resources from Lux Scotland and also looks at how to collate a digital portfolio for art school.

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Learn how to make a music video or animation

4 twilight sessions – please e-mail to book a session for your cluster.

A course focused on the practical planning and production skills needed for Media production students to make a music video or animation. Learn how to use Movie Master, Film maker Pro and Stop Motion. The course will also look at how to teach editing and useful tools to help simplify the process. Ask questions and get advice from film maker Sara Stroud.

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Make films for Greyhope Bay

April 2021

Work with Greyhope Bay and learn to make films based on the heritage and marine narratives connected with this new project. Learn how to script, produce and make a short film which will be shared on Greyhope Bays website or in their new venue at the Torry Battery.

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Teacher feedback

"Excellent course, very stimulating and encouraged teachers to use digital technologies in the classroom."

Izabella Robb, Aberdeen City EAL teacher

"I never imagined a short course could be so much fun."

Elizabeth Kaup, Aberdeen City EAL teacher

"I loved the critical analysis and I also loved learning how to use iMovie to create a film."

Wendy Smith, Aberdeen City Drama teacher


For further information or bespoke training contact: Sara Stroud on