SCQF Level 7


  • Engineering

Why take this course?

This Unit has been designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills that will enable you to use a CAD system command structure effectively and efficiently in the production of 2D working drawings. It is particularly suitable for candidates undertaking programmes in engineering or wishing to specialise in computer aided draughting/design. The Unit may also be taken on a freestanding basis.

For further information on this course, please visit the SQA website.

1 HN Credit at SCQF level 7: (8 SCQF credit points at SCQF level 7)

What you will experience

By doing a series of practice exercises and drawing tutorials you will logically progress through the CAD command structures, producing 2D fully working drawings to a given specification. Having gained confidence in 2D creation and presentation you will be introduced to simple 3D creation and editing. On completion of the unit you should be able to:

  • Use a commercial CAD system to create/modify engineering drawings
  • Use a commercial CAD system to create engineering composite drawings
  • Use an appropriate CAD system to generate 3D shapes

Formal assessment will be based on your competence in producing a series of engineering drawings to a given specification via practical assignments using CAD system commands effectively and efficiently.