5 hours over 1 month




  • Care

Why take this course?

Whatever your role, if you are working with people who are ill, older or disabled, then you will also be working with the people who support them — whether that is a family member, friend or neighbour. They in turn need support in order to carry out their responsibilities effectively. Comprised of two study units, this course aims to clarify how carers can be identified and describe what being a carer entails. It will also help learners to understand the impact caring for others can have and enable them to deliver more targeted support when necessary.

What you will experience

The online materials include quizzes, activities and checklists to help reinforce learning as students work through each topic. In addition, learners will be asked to take an online assessment to check their knowledge on completion of the course. On completion of this course learners will be able to: Identify carers; Define what it is to be a carer; Describe some facts about carers; Recognise the impact of caring and help to identify and signpost to support; Recognise carers’ rights and what they mean for good practice; liver more targeted support to carers.