• Computing

Why take this course?

This is a practical course designed to give you a deeper and more practical understanding of computer hardware and basic networking.  You will be introduced to the inner workings of computer hardware, teaching you how to troubleshoot a PC, how to identify and fix both hardware and software errors, and how to install/upgrade systems and components.

What you will experience

You will gain practical experience by carrying out the installation, maintenance and main failure modes of all major personal computer sub-systems, including the installation and configuration of low-level software such as device drivers. You will also be given the opportunity to strengthen your knowledge of computer networks and how to protect PCs from viruses. Course content includes:

  • Configuration of Computer Components
  • Basic Heath & Safety in a Computing environment
  • Installation of an Operating System
  • Dual Booting Operating Systems
  • Device installation and drivers
  • LAN folder sharing
  • Fault finding and creating solutions for Hardware and Software Issues
  • Stripping and building a Home PC system