SCQF Level 6/7


1 year


  • Business & Management
  • Media, Communication & TV


  • Fraserburgh Campus

Why take this course?

This course will aim to give pupils the confidence and experience to be able to use social media in a customer service setting and also to understand how analytics can be understood and applied to the improvement of a digital marketing campaign. The course is designed to support learners to ultimately analyse metrics and then apply them in a realistic scenario, using a creative brief.

What you will experience

This SCQF Level 6/7 College devised programme consists of the following units:

  • Social Media Literacy (SCQF level 6): You will learn to explain the value of social media to individuals, groups, businesses and nations; explain the implications of social media for individuals, businesses and society and learn to use social media for personal, communal and commercial purposes.
  • Social Media for Customer Service (SCQF level 6): In this unit you will investigate the use of social media to deliver customer service, evaluate the use of advanced technology to deliver customer service through social media and evaluate the ways in which organisations can measure the effectiveness of customer service through social media.
  • Digital Marketing Metrics and Analytics 1 (SCQF Level 7): In this unit you will develop knowledge and understanding of digital marketing metrics and analytics; learn how digital marketing metrics are generated and how analytics can be used to optimise an organisation’s digital marketing campaigns.
  • Creative Industries: Understanding a Creative Brief ( SCQF level 6): For the final unit in the course you apply the knowledge learned to create a production plan that meets a creative brief; implement the production plan to meet a creative brief and participate in a formal review with a client.