SCQF Level 5


  • Computing

Why take this course?

It was revealed at the Digital Skills committee meeting in the House of Lords that there will be a global shortage of two million cyber security workers. This increase of the need for Cyber Security Professionals is due to our reliance on devices connected to the Internet. Cyber Attacks are becoming a daily struggle for individuals and businesses to combat.

There is a lack of qualified people to combat these attacks or to help protect these businesses, this course will teach you the fundamentals of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics to help you embark on a career in an ever-increasing environment, where no workday is the same.

What you will experience

You will cover a range of topics including:

Data Security

Where you will be introduced to the concepts around personal and corporate data security, including aspects of legal and ethical obligations,

Ethical Hacking

Raise your awareness of the potential threats from malicious hackers to individuals and organisations, and how ethical hacking can help identify and mitigate these threats.

Digital Forensics

Practical skills in identifying evidential sources across a range of digital devices and media. Using these sources of evidence, you will then analyse and interpret data, identify its relevancy to an enquiry under investigation, and subsequently report that information.