SCQF Level 5


  • Business & Management
  • Computing

Why take this course?

This course is designed to advance your performance and future prospects in current employment roles by providing you with a basic but well recognised qualification in computing and IT.  It is suitable for students who would like to to gain an internationally recognised vocational qualification – the European Computer Driving Licence – in some of the main aspects of computer and IT use.

What you will experience

Learn how to use the common functions of a personal computer and its operating system, including how to navigate the desktop environment and how to manage and organise files, directories and folders. Through practical exercises and demonstrations, this course will give you a broad knowledge of both Microsoft Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office PowerPoint and their tools.

  • Module 2 – IT User Fundamentals
  • Module 6 – Presentations

The course is delivered using Syllabus 5 and Microsoft Office 2013 and covers one module of the complete ECDL programme. In order to gain the qualification, students are required to complete a total of 7 modules and their associated assessments.