5 Hours over 1 Month


01 Aug 2019




  • Care

Why take this course?

We hear all too often of cases where people have had to spend the final weeks or days of their lives away from family and friends, being denied the compassion, care and respect that they deserve. This Fundamentals version of the course aims to introduce learners to the basic principles of end of life (or palliative) care and emphasise the importance of providing person–centred support in ways that both protect and promote a person’s dignity. Learners will also explore how good communication between everyone in the support network and the individual is key to planning and delivering care which meets their needs and wishes.

What you will experience

The online materials include quizzes, activities and checklists to help reinforce learning as students work through each topic. In addition, learners will be asked to take an online assessment to check their knowledge on completion of the course. On completion of this course learners will understand: The basic principles involved in good end of life care; The reasons why person–centred; Approaches to care planning and delivery are most effective; The reasons why good communication skills are important; Effective techniques for providing practical and personal care; How you can provide support to the family in the final days and after death.