• Professional Cookery, Hospitality & Events Management

Why take this course?

This online self-study introductory level REHIS course aims to raise awareness of key food hygiene issues in the food industry. The course will also meet the requirements for induction training for other staff who are not food handlers, for example, nurses, porters, care assistants and kitchen support staff.

What you will experience

The course syllabus is designed to meet the initial training requirements of the Industry Guides to Good Hygiene Practice and this course should be taken by new food handlers before being allowed to start work for the first time and before progressing to the formal training recommendations of the Industry Guides, eg, the REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene Course.

In particular, the course syllabus meets the requirements of Stage 1 ‘The Essentials of Food Hygiene’ of the Catering Guide for Category A, B and C staff, and introduces some of the concepts of the Stage 2 requirements. It also meets the requirements of the basic level of hygiene awareness contained in the Retail Guide.