Higher (SCQF Level 6)


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Why take this course?

The Higher qualification in Chemistry develops knowledge and understanding of the physical and natural environments, through a wide range of studies including chemical reaction rates, enthalpy and patterns in the Periodic Table.

The Course builds on knowledge from National 5 of bonding, structure and properties, and of the mole, and enables learners to acquire enhanced understanding of carbon compound reactions, nomenclature and structural formulae, and of polymers and natural products. Other areas studied include Hess’s Law, equilibrium, acids and bases, redox reactions, and nuclear chemistry.

What you will experience

You will explore chemistry through completion of the following units:

Chemistry in Society

The Unit covers the key areas of: getting the most from reactants, equilibria, chemical energy, oxidising and reducing agents, and chemical analysis.

Chemical Changes and Structure

The Unit covers the key areas of: controlling the rate, periodicity, structure and bonding.

Nature’s Chemistry

The Unit covers the key areas of: esters, fats and oils, proteins, the chemistry of cooking, oxidation of food, soaps detergents and emulsions, fragrances and skincare products.

Researching Chemistry

Equipped with knowledge of standard laboratory apparatus, you will plan and undertake a practical investigation related to a chosen chemistry topic.