Higher (SCQF Level 6)


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Why take this course?

Physics qualifications give learners an insight into the underlying nature of our world and its place in the universe. From the sources of the energy we use, to the exploration of space, Physics covers a range of applications of the relationships that have been discovered through experiment and calculation.

What you will experience

You will explore physics through completion of the following units:

Physics: Electricity

The Unit covers the key areas of: Monitoring and measuring a.c., Current, potential difference, power and resistance, Electrical sources and internal resistance, Capacitors, Conductors, semiconductors and insulators and p-n junctions.

Physics: Our Dynamic Universe

The Unit covers the key areas of: Motion – equations and graphs, Forces, energy and power, Collisions, explosions and impulse, Gravitation, Special relativity and The Expanding Universe.

Physics: Particles and Waves

The Unit covers the key areas of: The standard model, Forces on charged particles, Nuclear reactions, Wave particle duality, Interference and diffraction, Refraction of light and Spectra.

Researching Physics

Equipped with knowledge of standard laboratory apparatus, they will plan and undertake a practical investigation related to a chosen physics topic.