SCQF Level 8


20-24 months




  • Maritime
  • Maritime


  • Scottish Maritime Academy

Why take this course?

Successful completion will lead to the award of Chiefmate 11/2 (Unlimited) Certificate of Competency when taken in conjunction with the required STCW short courses, written and oral exams.

This programme is ideal for those who are working at sea on four weeks on /off or similar pattern. This course is a mixture of self-study and attendance at the Academy allowing you to achieve a HND without lengthy periods of study leave from employment.

To apply for this course (on a unit by unit basis) please contact us.

What you will experience

This programme consists of the following units. It is recommended that each unit is undertaken one at a time.

  • Information Technology
  • Applied Software 1
  • Marine Passage Planning
  • Management of Bridge Operation, Applied Marine Meteorology
  • Ship Stability: Theory and Practical Application
  • Marine Vessels: Structures and Maintenance
  • Management of Vessel Operations
  • Ship Masters Business
  • Shipboard Management
  • Safety Management System
  • Nautical Science Graded Unit 2
  • Nautical Science Graded Unit 3