Intermediate (SCQF Level 5/6)


28 Aug 2023


  • Computing


  • Aberdeen City Campus

Why take this course?

Are you interested in developing software and want to learn more? This course will focus on the fundamentals of computer programming and the main languages used in programming such as Python, HTML and CSS, and why these languages are used.

There is also an opportunity to learn about Cyber Security, which will focus on scripting, and give you an opportunity to use some of those scripts to test vulnerabilities in a computer system and how the malicious individuals can exploit these vulnerabilities.

You will also have the opportunity to learn some apps development and create your own app.

What you will experience

  • Develop your knowledge of computer systems, databases, web authoring and software development concepts at SCQF Level 5 and 6 so you can attempt National 5 or Higher Computer Science qualifications.
  • Plan and develop a small website to meet a client’s requirements, providing an introduction to HTML and CSS and learning how to use web authoring tools to produce a website.
  • Investigate a problem, draw up and carry out an action plan to try to solve the problem, and finally review how effective your problem-solving activity has been, based on the evidence you have.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of advanced concepts and practical programming and computational thinking skills by designing, implementing, testing and evaluating practical solutions in Python and explaining how these programs work.
  • Analyse, plan and create a mobile and desktop applications prototype.
  • Install a variety of hardware components, and software packages onto a computer system and develop your understanding of operating systems.
  • Introduction to concepts around personal and corporate data security, including aspects of legal and ethical obligations.
  • Develop knowledge of the principles and integrity of the digital forensics process.
  • Enhance awareness of the potential threats from malicious hackers to individuals and organisations, and how ethical hacking can help identify and mitigate these threats.