• Hair, Beauty & Complementary Therapies

Why take this course?

Manicure treatments are much more than polished nails! This type of beauty therapy is a great means of relaxation, and can help increase your confidence and self-esteem. Learning about these treatments is a great way to enhance your own personal beauty regime. Throughout the course you will develop a good understanding of the techniques and approaches needed to provide effective and healthy hand care.

Please note that this course is for interest only and does not sufficiently qualify learners for professional practice in beauty or complementary therapies.

What you will experience

You will learn the basic anatomy and physiology of the hand nails, as well as basic massage and nail polishing techniques. You will also explore:

  • How to file finger nails correctly
  • How to push back cuticles neatly and safely, using good sanitary practices
  • How to give a soothing hand massage
  • How to apply polish carefully and creatively