Coll Cert (SCQF Level 4)


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  • Sport, Fitness & Uniformed Services


  • Aberdeen City Campus
  • Fraserburgh Campus

Why take this course?

This 8 week programme is aimed at those who wish to participate in physical exercise and learn how to improve their own health and well-being.

It will introduce learners to a range of exercise methods such as resistance training, circuit training and HIIT Training.

Learners will perform a variety of different fitness tests to assess Health Related Physical Fitness and improve your own health related goals.

Such examples of goals that may be focused on will include weight loss, weight gain, improved functional movement and increased physical performance.

Excellent attendance and successful completion may lead to enrolment on one of our full time sport courses.

What you will experience

  • One to one personal training advice
  • How to perform fitness tests
  • Design a specific programme tailored to your fitness results to improve your own fitness levels.
  • Develop confidence and motivation
  • Establish and understanding of the variety of exercise methods orientated towards your personal goal.