PDA, Fast Track (SCQF Level 6)


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Why take this course?

A child’s educational experience is shaped by the adults who support and challenge them in their learning. Education Support Assistants can create a positive learning environment for all children. In such a position, you’ll have the opportunity to build students’ self esteem, improve their quality of life, and be an agent of change in their schooling experience. This course equips you to play a constructive role in encouraging and affirming positive behaviour in the classroom, and is aimed at anyone interested in pursuing work in childcare or work as a classroom assistant.

What you will experience

The course content is extremely comprehensive, and covers a range of crucial factors involved in supporting the educational development of children. You will study professional practice, accident and emergency procedures and how to support the language, literacy and numeracy skills of children and young people. You will also learn about the behaviour of children, how to provide additional learning support and the importance of play.

You will be assessed continually throughout the course and on the outcome of your work placement. A good combination of theory-based classroom activities and practical experience (achieved through completion of a work placement) ensures you will be fully prepared to take on this type of role upon course completion.