SCQF Level 5


20 Apr 2023




  • Social Sciences


  • Aberdeen City Campus

Why take this course?

This unit enables learners to use appropriate psychological concepts, theories and evidence to explain human social behaviour in a range of contexts. The course covers two topics in psychology. The mandatory topic is Conformity and the second topic is Prejudice (however this can change from year-to-year). Each topic will cover how behaviour is affected by being part of a social group.

The unit is a good introduction to social psychology and you will explore a variety of topics relating to how people are influenced by groups.

What you will experience

By the end of the unit, you will be able to explain topics relating to human social behaviour by:

  • Describing a topic in social psychology
  • Explaining relevant concepts and psychological research evidence that contributes to understanding of the topic
  • Using psychological knowledge to explain examples of ever day behaviour