Focus On: STEM

Find out all you need to know about STEM at North East Scotland College: Automotive, Computing, Construction, Engineering, and Science.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Underneath these surface headings there are countless industries, careers and courses.

At the heart of every STEM subject is the drive to change the world. To use critical thinking, innovation, problem solving skills, and to think outside the box in roles that can be as hands-on as they are analytical.

STEM is at the centre of an ever-changing global economy – with technological and scientific advancements creating new industries and new careers daily.

STEM skills are helping to develop and maintain green-energy sources, to research cures for incurable diseases, to make the media we consume and the way we consume it innovative and exciting. They play a part in every aspect of the modern world and will continue to shape our future in innumerable ways.

So whichever field of STEM you choose to study in, you’ll be joining an industry that is helping to build the world of tomorrow.

Focus On: Automotive

Opportunities to become an expert in repair and maintenance or body repair.

Focus On: Computing

A fast-paced, continuously changing and evolving industry.

Focus On: Construction

Work in a rapidly changing industry and help shape the world around us.

Focus On: Engineering

Engineers are needed in various roles across a whole range of industries.

Focus On: Science

Science has a central role to play in every feature of our modern world.

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