Fully funded courses

NESCol have collaborated with the Skills Network to offer a number of online courses for free to residents in Scotland.

Each course is available online and will require regular weekly study.

Business & Management



These courses are offered fully online for material and assessment, feedback is also given online.

Students are supported by a tutor who is there to mark the units/assessments required for completion, all of which need to be passed to receive the certificate from the awarding body NCFE/Cache.

Course submissions will be required to be completed within defined dates, which are given at the start of the course.

It is advised that a set period of time is set aside each week to achieve completion of the course.  We would recommend that you plan for two hours per week.

The courses are stated as level 2, as NCFE/Cache are an English based awarding body.  Comparing qualification frameworks between Scotland and England, that would equate to a National 5 in Scotland, therefore there is a good standard being achieved but equally an expectation on the student to show knowledge and understanding.

For some of the course areas, a working or personal experience in the subject area would benefit the student.

Each of the courses is split into a number of units and, after reading the unit online materials, an assessment will require to be completed.  These assessments look for the individual to document a written response using their own words and not directly copying the materials, this is where own experience can help support an answer.

We would only recommend undertaking one course at a time, but you are welcome to undertake further courses on the completion of your first course.


Download an application form
Completed forms should be emailed to iaincocker@nescol.ac.uk.