Spring into Action

A film making competition for Aberdeen City schools.

Take the moving image into the classroom and make a film with your class

Create a 3-5 minute short documentary that explores #StayAtHome using just your mobile phone and video editing app of your choice. The competition is open to Aberdeen City Primary and Secondary Schools.

The Competition

With the world on lockdown we challenge you to create a short 3-5min film documenting lockdown on a phone or tablet computer. To enter use an app of your choice to edit the footage into a short film and share it with your teacher. The video should be shot with the theme of #StayAtHome.

The prizes

Winners will be invited to a free trip of one of our industry standard facilities at our Gallowgate campus in Aberdeen. These include the planetarium, TV, photography or radio studio.

Terms & Conditions

  • If another person features in the video you will need to get their permission to feature them. Please see the Aberdeen City Council’s guidance on ‘Photographing and Filming Children and Young People Guidance
  • A monthly winner will be decided by a voting panel formed of North East Scotland College and Aberdeen City Council staff.
  • The deadline each month will be the 30th of each month for film submissions. All videos will be made available to watch unless otherwise notified.


How to enter

Step 1: If your school would like to enter please contact Sara Stroud for full details – s.stroud@nescol.ac.uk

Step 2: Film and edit your footage in an app of your choice

Step 3: Send your final video to your teacher along with any permission forms for other people featured

Step 4: Your teacher will submit the video on your behalf

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