Life at NESCol


General Resources

Bring your own device (BYOD)

College Administration and Examinations Team

How we can help you during your time at NESCol.

Non-Advanced Student Funding

Your guide on how to apply for Non-Advanced Student Funding.

Advanced Student Funding

Your guide on how to apply for Advanced (SAAS) Student Funding.

Library Online

How to access Library information online at MyNescol

Digital Futures Toolkit

As a NESCol student, you’ll have access to a huge range of digital resources to enhance your learning experience. Our Digital Futures Toolkit outlines the systems and applications available to you.

Online Enrolment Hints & Tips

Useful information on how to complete online enrolment

Additional Support for Applicants

Our Student Advice and Support Team are offering remote appointments for applicants where you can make an appointment for general help and advice on becoming a NESCol student as well as a range of specific topics including accessing additional support. Book a date/time using the links below.


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Aberdeen City

Fraserburgh Campus