My Induction

Important information about your induction session at NESCol

If you are a full-time student you will receive a notebook at induction which includes handy campus maps, details of facilities and resources, and important contact information relating to student support and other College services. You’ll also find information on the College’s Freshers’ Fair, Students’ Association and how to stay on top of things — whilst staying healthy and maintaining a balanced lifestyle — during your time at NESCol.

Where to Go

During induction, you will find Information Stations available in the following locations:

Aberdeen Altens Campus

  • Reception (M Block)

Aberdeen City Campus

  • Loch Street entrance, Lower Ground Floor

Fraserburgh Campus

  • The Atrium

At these Information Stations you will be provided with your free notebook and pen, and be directed to the designated Meet and Greet area. At the Meet and Greet, you will find a lecturer waiting at a bus stop marked with your course title. Your lecturer will then take you to your first induction area!

What to Expect

During induction, a checklist is put in place to ensure that key aspects of life at the College, and key information, is communicated to you. This includes things like:

  • Emergency procedures/Health & Safety
  • How to enrol online
  • Managing your own device or BYOD device (as well as PAT testing)
  • Using your student email account
  • Finding your way around the campus you will be studying at
  • Accessing your timetable online
  • Using College IT systems (such as Blackboard, Office 365, Everyone Print and Password+)
  • Any requirements for your course (such as uniform or equipment)
  • Student funding and financial support
  • What is expected of you as a student
  • How to access support if you need it

An induction checklist will be available on the My NESCol (the student portal) — this will allow you to monitor your tasks, and ensure you have done everything that you need to do!

Laptop Issuing Process for BYOD

Students entitled to BYOD are invited to collect their laptop from the Student IT Help Zone during their designated collection slot, which will be scheduled immediately following their induction session. Help Zones are located in Dino’s Café soft seating area in the Lower Ground Floor at Aberdeen City Campus, and on the Mezzanine Café area within the Atrium at the Fraserburgh Campus.

If you are unsure whether you are entitled to a device, please refer to the BYOD Guide for Non-Advanced Students for detailed guidance regarding eligibility. You should already have received this via email.

You will only be able to collect your BYOD device if you have received confirmation of your bursary via your bursary award letter. You will be required to present this letter, along with a voucher issued to you at induction, when collecting your device.

If you wish to collect a laptop before you receive your bursary award letter, you will be asked to pay for the device or make arrangements to pay by installments before the laptop is issued to you. If you have not received your bursary award letter by the time of your induction, you will be able to collect your laptop from the IT Help Zone at anytime from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Please be aware that no devices will be issued after the 31st October, so it is vital that you ensure your bursary application is submitted well in advance of this deadline if you have not already done so.

Please note, no devices are “free of charge” — they are either funded via your bursary or funded directly by you.