Where to Eat

For students and staff, there are great facilities to eat, drink and relax in at Fraserburgh Campus.

The Refectory


The Refectory at Fraserburgh is used by staff and students, and seats up to 150 people. You’ll find lots of delicious (and reasonably priced) snacks, sandwiches and hot meals daily.

It is open at break times and lunch times, and students can use this area for eating packed lunches – although when busy, those who are buying food from the refectory will be given priority.

You will find The Refectory in the main Atrium.


All refectories at North East Scotland College accept card payments, including Apple Pay.



The Bistro is a stylish, recently refurbished eatery in which our students can develop their hospitality and cookery skills in a realistic working environment.

The restaurant can be accessed via the East entrance to the Fraserburgh Campus, which would take you straight to the restaurant reception area.

Alternatively, from the main reception in the Atrium, you will find the Bistro if you walk past the Library+ and keep right, continuing through the cafeteria and the cloisters area. Continue on, and then take a left when you reach the restaurant reception area. The Bistro is located in room 414.

Please note that the restaurant will not be open on a regular basis during the 2024/2025 academic session. Opening dates/times will be published via our student portal, My NESCol.

The Mezzanine


The Mezzanine offers a relaxed and informal setting, with soft seating, a break-out zone and ample space for event guests. Students and staff can use the area to eat, drink and socialise.

You will find the Mezzanine area if you continue down the hall in the Atrium, going past the Library+ and taking the staircase on your right.

Student Kitchen


Students have access to free hot water and microwaves at each of our three main campuses.

At Fraserburgh Campus students can find these facilities upstairs in the Atrium.

Having access to free hot water and microwaves allows students to prepare simple meals such as instant noodles and soups, make hot drinks and heat microwaveable meals while on campus.

This space is open freely during campus opening hours and is stocked with cleaning supplies for students to clean up as they go. It is also maintained daily by College staff.

The implementation of Student Kitchens was one of the Students’ Associations’ key projects in the Student Partnership Agreement and is a direct response to the challenges that students are facing during the cost of living crisis. Please contact nescolsa@nescol.ac.uk for more information.

Hand pressing button on microwave.

Other Facilities at Fraserburgh Campus