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Further information on what happens after successfully completing your College course

When it comes to leaving College and moving on – whether that is to continue with your education elsewhere or at university, or whether you are progressing directly into work – North East Scotland College has various arrangements in place to ensure you have the support you need.

On completing your course at North East Scotland College, you may decide that university is the next step for you. Depending on the course you have studied, you could gain direct entry into year two or three of a degree programme. This is something that many students aspire to, so the College has developed strong links with universities across the Scotland.

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Getting into Work

Many students progress to work or further education upon completion of a course at North East Scotland College, but there are lots of other options you can consider.

Keep in Touch

We urge past students to keep in touch and update us on further achievements. If you have something you’d like to share then please let us know – it could be anything from securing employment, completing a university degree, winning a competition or award or returning to College! Please email


Gap Years

A Gap Year is an excellent opportunity to develop your personal skills and can be a positive and life-changing experience. It should be well-planned and well thought out, structured and relevant to your future plans. If successful, it can help inform decisions relevant to your future career.

Ensure that you research your options, are aware of possible costs involved and seek advice on the suitability and reliability of the companies offering Gap Year opportunities. Useful websites include:

Gap Advice




Worldwide Volunteering

Year Out Group

Jill Murray

Jill Murray

Creative Industries

HND Media & Communication

“I think College is an excellent next step as although you have moved on from school and enjoy learning in an adult environment, the class sizes are still small so you really get to know your fellow students.  I just felt so much better prepared for Uni having been at College.  I don’t know if I would have stuck it out if I’d gone there straight from school to be honest as it is quite a big jump.  My NESCol experience undoubtedly gave me the confidence to manage the demands of the degree.”

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