The purpose of this Report is to detail the progress North East Scotland College (NESCol) is making towards meeting the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) and how the College is mainstreaming this duty to ensure that everyone who learns or works at NESCol receives the best possible experience.

The Report gives information on how key areas of the College are mainstreaming equality into everyday life and work and how NESCol is meeting the three needs for which the PSED requires public bodies to have due regard. Using examples, the Report demonstrates the progress the College has made since last reporting in April 2019 on how it is advancing equality through the PSED. The

Report covers progress against the College’s Equality Outcomes for 2017-21, and evidences improvements in data collection and reporting in relation to equality and diversity. These improvements have enabled us to set evidence based Equality Outcomes for 2021-25 and to report meaningfully on staff equalities, the gender pay gap and occupational segregation.