Screen Education Aberdeen (SEA)

SEA wants to make a difference. If you are changing your school, your university, your community – or the world with film, we want to be involved.

“When I can’t find the words, I make a film. I explore my world and experiences through my camera.” – Sara Stroud (creator of SEA)

We support filmmakers

Welcome to SEA. We work in partnership Aberdeen city council, Aberdeen University and local charities to support screen education in school, university and community projects.

Recent projects include:

  • Friends of the Earth Scotland
  • Visual Poetry
  • Primary to Secondary transition film projects

We are filmmakers

With over 25 years of practical filmmaking experience in educational and professional projects, we support educators and leaders in embedding practical filmmaking within their work. We love to work directly with children and young people and can provide workshops and activities.

We can also show how to make a film on a mobile phone or iPad and supply equipment if needed, as well as offer access to our resources, studios and editing facilities.

We love screen education

We are passionate about teaching how to read screen texts, as well as making them. We want to improve literacy, personal development, communication and creativity through filmmaking and use screen education to promote growth and inspire change in the classroom and our world.

2024 Community Projects

This year we are focusing on recovery through filmmaking. We are working in partnership with Alcohol & Drugs action, providing a short filmmaking course to support service users. This project has been funded by Aberdeen City councils Creative Funding scheme.

2024 Focus on schools

We can provide training and screen education for your staff or pupils. We can design a one off CLPL training session or a bespoke filmmaking project for your pupils. We can also support schools to access funding and opportunities to work in partnership with Screen Scotland and North East Scotland College. This year we have a passion for working with pupils around environmental issues and looking at how young people can help shape the future of Aberdeen.

We make film happen in your school or community

Everything we do at SEA is about promoting screen education. Our courses for teachers and projects are listed below. We are always keen to hear about what’s happening in your school or community. If you want to find out more, need specialist training or want help making a film, please get in touch

We can also help you apply for funding to cover training costs.

“The best education in film is to make one.” – Stanley Kubrick


Our unique programme for 2024 (swipe or drag to view all).

CLPL 2024 courses

We offer short CLPL sessions online or in person. Our 2-hour courses can be booked to work with your schools timetable or in twilight. Most of our training focuses on documentary filmmaking or video essays, so it can be used to support a wide range of curriculum subjects.

Fake news screen education for teachers

The commission on fake news and critical literacy found that only 2% of children and young people in the UK have the critical skills they need to tell if a news story is real or fake. Fake news is driving a culture of fear and uncertainty in young people. Based on the findings of the Fake news report by the National literacy trust this course explores its findings and looks at how to educate children to read moving image factual texts.

Moving Image Analysis for Primary teachers

A short online course for teachers who want to embed screen education in their teaching. Teach your pupils how to read films and make films — bringing the curriculum to life. Help consolidate learning and literacy using: the 3C’s and 3S’s, grid analysis for factual films, sound & vision, storyboarding and practical film making. This course requires use of iPads or Android devices and uses iMovie or the Filmmaker Pro app.

Filmmaking for Art Teachers

John Akomfrah is the representing the UK at the Venice Biennale. With many artists working in Moving Image, learn how to use your smart phone in the classroom to inspire the next generation of artists. This course will also introduce you to artists that use film as a medium. This course uses resources from Lux Scotland and also looks at how to collate a digital portfolio for art school. You will also learn how to create video essays with your students.

Learn how to make a music video or visual poetry

A course focused on the practical planning and production skills needed for media production students to make a music video or visual poem. Learn how to use iMovie, Filmmaker Pro and Stop Motion. The course will also look at how to teach editing and useful tools to help simplify the process. This course also has a particular focus on health and wellbeing and looks at moving image texts that help young people discuss self-care and wellness. Ask questions and get advice from film maker Sara Stroud.

Let’s talk about beauty standards

A short course for pupils where we explore the history of beauty and look at our relationship with present day expectations. We learn about different cultures and look at our visual diet. This course would support discussions around health and wellbeing for pupils.

Teacher feedback

"Excellent course, very stimulating and encouraged teachers to use digital technologies in the classroom."

Izabella Robb, Aberdeen City EAL teacher

"I never imagined a short course could be so much fun."

Elizabeth Kaup, Aberdeen City EAL teacher

"I loved the critical analysis and I also loved learning how to use iMovie to create a film."

Wendy Smith, Aberdeen City Drama teacher


For further information or bespoke training contact: Sara Stroud on