Board Appointment

We are inviting applications to join the NESCol Regional Board. Members play a vital role in shaping the delivery of college education in the North East of Scotland.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 22 March  2024.

NESCol is integral to realising the economic ambitions of North East Scotland, anchored in the City and Aberdeenshire with a commitment to shaping the workforce of the future.  The College is proud of its long history in serving the region’s traditional industries and excited by the opportunities presented by new and emerging sectors.

An engaging, supportive and inclusive learning environment is at the heart of a College experience designed to give every student the opportunity to fulfil their potential in employment and in life.

The College’s Strategic Plan 2021-23, which outlines the College’s Strategic Themes and supporting strategies can be accessed here.

NESCol is one of the largest providers of vocational education and training in Scotland, with a wide range of course levels across a variety of different subject areas, and aim to deliver inspirational teaching from modern and well-equipped campuses.

Information on the curriculum offer and reason why learners choose NESCol can be found here.

Key duties of the Regional Board are to:

  • Provide leadership, direction, and support to the organisation, setting its strategy and priorities.
  • Promote commitment to the values and ethos of the organisation including equality and diversity.
  • Ensure satisfactory delivery of the organisation’s performance and financial objectives, high quality learning and outcomes, and a good learning experience.
  • Be accountable to and maintain the trust of key stakeholders.
  • Comply with relevant legal and financial requirements including the Scottish Public Finance Manual.
  • Ensure identification and control of the main risks to delivery of the organisation’s responsibilities and business objectives.
  • Ensure staff have the appropriate skills, knowledge, culture and working environment.
  • Adhere to the sector’s Code of Good Governance and the College’s relevant Financial Memorandum.

Information on the Board composition and profiles of current Members can be found here.

In addition to the Regional Board, there are a number of Board Committees.  Members usually serve on two of the following:

  • Audit & Risk Committee
  • Curriculum & Quality Committee
  • Finance & Resources Committee
  • Human Resources Committee.

The Regional Board’s Programme of Meetings AY2023-24 provides information on the frequency and timings of meeting of the Board and its Committees.

Regional Board meetings are currently being conducted in person, with Committee Meetings held virtually.

Further information on the Regional Board, its Committees and how it operates can be found in the governance section of this website.

It is a priority of the Board to work towards gender balance and broad representation of the diverse population of the North East of Scotland. We encourage applications from traditionally underrepresented groups.

NESCol is also keen to embrace the expertise from a wide range of industries and sectors. The Board has extensive oil, gas and energy industry representation and applications from individuals with experience in other key areas of the regional economy are welcome.

A Board Member is required to:

  • Contribute to Board discussions in a constructive and supportive manner, explaining their thinking and listening to others.
  • Scrutinise the College’s performance and, when necessary, provide challenge to senior staff and fellow Board Members.
  • Give the required amount of time to the role, attending meetings unless previously agreed with the Chair and be properly prepared for meetings.
  • Accept and share corporate collective responsibility once the Board has made a decision on anything.
  • Devote time to understanding the College and its operational environment.
  • Take part in an annual Board member appraisal process overseen by the Chair, taking up opportunities for training to acquire and keep up to date their skills and knowledge.
  • Represent the Board at College, regional or national events as required.
  • Build relationships of trust and mutual respect with other Board Members and senior staff.
  • Abide by any confidentiality requirements subject to Freedom of Information laws.
  • Uphold and promote the required standards of behaviour and values.

Further information can be found in the Guide for Board Members in the College Sector.

Board Members are expected to adhere to the Nine Principles of Public Life (further information can be found in the application pack and act at all times in good faith and in the best interests of learners.

A copy of the national Terms and Conditions for Non-executive Board Members can be accessed here.

Read about the experience of our current Non-executive Board Member Leona McDermid.

To find out more about the skills and attributes that the NESCol Regional Board is seeking please read the Board Member Person Specification  in the application pack.

Following appointment, new Board Members will receive a NESCol Regional Board Induction to assist new Members to familiarise themselves with their role and responsibilities; the operation of the College and the Regional Board, and the College’s operating environment.  Board Members will also be required to complete a mandatory National Induction Programme, delivered by College Development Network (CDN) on behalf of the college sector.

Board Members will be provided with ongoing opportunities to undertake training and continuing professional development activities.  This will include internal and external training courses and conferences, briefing sessions, joint events with other educational institutions, and Board Engagement Visits to College campuses.

Board Members are appointed to serve on the Regional Board as individuals, not as the representatives or delegates of forums or organisations.

Appointment to the Regional Board is for a period up to four years and require to be approved by Scottish Ministers.  Appointments can be extended, with approval from Scottish Ministers, for a single further period not exceeding four years.

The post is voluntary and non-remunerated, however relevant expenses will be reimbursed.

If you are seeking an opportunity to contribute to the future success of our Regional College and to the social and economic wellbeing of the North East, we would love to hear from you.

Please complete and submit the application form.

Application Process and Timescales

  • Advertising of vacancies begins 1 March 2024
  • Closing date for applications – 5pm on 22 March 2024 2023
  • Shortlisting of applicants for interview – March 2024
  • Applicants to be advised of outcome of shortlisting – April 2024
  • Interviews – April 2024.

The timescales for the next stages are dependent upon the length of time required to gain approval for individual appointments from Scottish Ministers.

For further information or an informal conversation about the role and application process, contact Susan Lawrance, Secretary to the Board, at

Potential applicants may also wish to arrange, through the Secretary an informal conversation with the Regional Chair and/or Principal and Chief Executive.