Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Important information for students

September 9, 2020

Now that we are back on-campus we’d like to update you with the latest information about distribution of BYOD devices:

If you are enrolling or are enrolled on a non-advanced (SCQF level 6 and below) Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) course, please ensure your funding application has been submitted to us, and that you have completed the Applicant Survey to let us know whether or not you have a suitable device.

If your funding is in place and you have advised us you require a device, we’ll be in touch to arrange an appointment on-campus to collect your device, or to make arrangements for delivery to your home address.

On-campus appointments will be at the Student Advice Centres at our Aberdeen City Campus and Fraserburgh Campus. At your appointment we’ll check your details and issue a voucher for collection of your device. You’ll be asked to sign the BYOD contract prior to receiving your device.

If you request delivery of your device, we’ll send you an email with a short form to complete, asking you to accept the BYOD contract. Once this is submitted, the laptop will be sent to your home address via courier.

If your funding has not been confirmed, or if you are not on a non-advanced BYOD course but have identified that you need a device, an email will be sent separately from Central Admin.

If you have not completed the applicant survey and cannot find it in your inbox, please contact central admin and ask them to re-send it: Include your name, student number and course.