College response to Coronavirus measures in Aberdeen

August 7, 2020

North East Scotland College has taken a number of proactive steps in response to the measures to control the spread of Coronavirus in Aberdeen which were confirmed by the Scottish Government on 5 August.

Access to all NESCol facilities will remain restricted for staff, students and visitors. Employees will continue to work from home, with a limited staff presence on campuses to carry out key functions.

Deferred students who were due to return from Monday (10 August) to complete practical elements of their 2019/20 courses are being informed that their return has been postponed until 17 August. This date is subject to ongoing review in line with the latest guidance.

Plans for the 2020/21 session have not been affected, with full-time courses scheduled to begin from 7 September with a blended approach to learning. Applications continue to be accepted.

Principal Neil Cowie said: “Our commitment throughout this challenging period has been to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all NESCol staff and contractors, students and visitors as well as the communities we serve.

“The College’s Leadership Team continues to meet frequently to review the latest regional and national guidance and as such we have been able to act swiftly to the rapidly changing local circumstances.

“Extensive contingency planning has been undertaken over a number of months and that work has been valuable in enabling us to take an agile approach to the measures being implemented in Aberdeen.  The ability of our staff and students to adapt has been a hallmark of the way in which we have navigated recent months and will continue to be vital as we prepare for the new session.”

Further information about the College’s plans for 2020/21 can be found here.