Freshers’ at NESCol

We’re hosting Freshers events over the first three weeks of term this academic session and it’s a great opportunity to have fun, meet new people and find out more about your Students’ Association!

Local companies will also be attending as well as voluntary and charitable organisations, and of course it’s a chance to pick up some freebies and discount offers. Check out the schedules for each campus below and get involved!

Events are taking place across our three main campuses and will be hosted in the following locations.

Altens Campus – in The Engine Room and outdoor events in the car park.

Aberdeen City Campus – both in Dino’s and at the Gallowgate entrance.

Fraserburgh Campus – in the main Atrium.

Week 1

What’s on in Week 1.

Week 2

What’s on in Week 2.

Week 3

What’s on in Week 3.