Commitment to energy transition underpins ASET evolution

May 19, 2022

The ASET International Energy Training Academy has been unveiled as a leading Aberdeen-based specialist underlines its commitment to energy transition.

The new corporate identity replaces the well-established ASET International Oil and Gas Training Academy branding and reflects the diversification of the business to support the changing needs of industry.

The company is a subsidiary of North East Scotland College (NESCol) and provides a wide range of training for the energy, engineering and construction industries in areas including process, maintenance engineering, electrical, ex hazardous areas, emergency response and marine.

ASET has bases at Altens, where facilities include a fully functioning oil and gas training platform and control system, as well as at Clinterty and NESCol’s City Campus in Aberdeen.

Atholl Menzies, Chief Executive of the ASET International Energy Training Academy, said: “One of our strengths has always been our agility and the ability to develop the commercial training portfolio to support partners across the global energy sector.

“That has brought an increased focus on renewables and low carbon technology, building on the transferable skills within the oil and gas sector, and that delivers on the region’s energy transition ambitions as well as the Scottish Government’s renewable energies strategy.

“The new brand is an important statement of intent by ASET. It is a very visible demonstration of our commitment to a crucial phase in the development of the energy sector and underlines the role our team will play in providing the skills and knowledge required to drive positive change.”

The ASET International Energy Training Academy is approved by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) and OPITO to meet recognised international industry standards.

Diversification has been crucial to its growth and, five years after the introduction of the first bespoke renewables courses, opportunities for further expansion continue to be explored.

Atholl Menzies added: “We have the second largest energy related commercial training portfolio in the UK and have an important role as a major player in the North East region and internationally through a diverse client base spanning 80 countries.

“Oil and gas remains important to the business but we are not reliant on one sector and have demonstrated innovation in areas that are central to energy transition. Wind, solar and other renewable energy sources are vital components of a sustainable future and the workforce in this region in particular, serving a mature basin, has the skills and expertise that can be used as a very solid foundation.”

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