Completion of courses and certification 2019/20

April 6, 2020

NESCol is working with Scottish college sector partners to confirm arrangements with awarding bodies for the completion of courses and certification for the 2019/20 academic year.  

There are 109 awarding bodies across the sector and discussions with these organisations are continuing to ensure a consistent position nationally. 

The aim is to ensure no student is disadvantaged and each receives the recognition their work merits.  

The SQA, one of the main awarding bodies, has issued guidance in relation to College courses, stating colleges will be expected to make use of internal assessments, judgement on the progress of each learner in their course and achievements to date to support certification this year.  

It is similar to the approach being taken in relation to school qualifications, but adjustments will be required to reflect the differences between school and college courses.   

Guidance in relation to the SQA’s approach to evidence generation for school qualifications do not apply to college courses –  NESCol students will, in almost all cases, be required to continue to provide evidence up to the end of the 2019/20 academic year.  

The College will be central to evidencing and assessing the achievements on behalf of all awarding bodies and work is underway to support the process.  

All students are required to continue to engage with coursework using the online tools available and to complete the work set by tutors in the new term when it begins on 20 April. This will be tailored in each course area to ensure it meets the requirements of each awarding body. 

NESCol Principal Neil Cowie said: “It is important as students break for Easter that we provide reassurance that we are working hard on their behalf to make arrangements for the completion of courses. Students will be guided through the months ahead by teaching staff and provided with the support they need. 

“We are moving forward at pace and further information will be shared as details are finalised. Staff across the college are preparing for what promises to be a busy and productive final term.