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National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Post-certification review (appeals)

The post-certification review (appeal) process

If you studied a National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher qualification through North East Scotland College in 2019-2020, post-certification review (appeal) is available. This process is for 2020 exam results only.

We will be able to request one of two post-certification review types:

  • A priority review – for anyone with a conditional university or college offer
  • A review

You are eligible for review only when you have been awarded a lower grade than the grade estimated by the College.

A successful post-certification review request will result in a change of grade.

If you have a conditional offer for University or College, the request service has a submission deadline of Friday 14 August for priority requests.

For all other post-certification review requests, the submission deadline is 21 August.

Please note that following the review process, your grade may be lowered. The College must therefore ensure that we have your agreement to submit the request.

The college is not involved in the appeals process, but we will forward all evidence to SQA to support the appeal. This will be done through your lecturer. Please contact them via centraladmin@nescol.ac.uk.


For all other appeals please see the procedure document.