Dial up your digital skills

September 8, 2020

The world around us is dominated by technology. It’s fascinating, exhilarating and so fast moving that, sometimes, it can be a bit daunting. In every aspect of our lives we are using new-founded, often self-taught, digital skills – at home, at work and socially.

The digital world has become a normal part of everyday life. From surfing digital channels; owning multiple devices (smart phone, tablet, computer etc); shopping online and watching children grow through technology at school – it can be a lot to keep up with!

Sometimes we need help – whether that’s to nail the basics; learn new skills or to gain an appreciation of the digital environment that surrounds us and our families.

NESCol offer courses that help you become more digital savvy, in a way and at a time that fits in with your day to day life – through lots of part-time and distance learning options. All of these courses are coming up soon.

Digital Skills for Life looks at how to access and share information safely and securely and Internet Security for Beginners is a must for those new to online channels. For parents and guardians there’s Internet Safety for Parents and Guardians and Supporting Your Kids to Learn Online

For those interested in expanding their knowledge of Computing and Microsoft then check out Computing Essentials – an introduction ; Computing Essentials – next steps ; ECDL Essentials and ECDL Extra. Many ECDL and Microsoft courses – too numerous to list – are available through our flexible distance learning options which are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Are you on social media and if so do you understand the potential and pitfalls of the various channels? If you are a novice then Social Media for Beginners or Communicating Online (Skype, Facebook and Facetime) would be suitable. For anyone interested in exploring how to harness the power of these channels to reach new audiences – to launch your own business  for example – then explore Podcasting for Beginners ;An introduction to Digital  Marketing and Marketing with Social Media.

Find out more about our part-time and distance learning courses or  contact the team with any questions you have.