Inspiring the next generation of engineers

October 31, 2019

First year NESCol Shell Engineering Scheme students recently attended the Shell St Fergus Gas Plant where the budding engineers were presented with their Personal Protection Equipment as part of their induction programme.

Lecturer Charles Duthie comments, “The visit to the Shell St Fergus gas plant is an important introduction to this sponsored engineering programme. The plant fulfils an important role in meeting the UK’s energy needs by processing gas that comes in from many offshore platforms and fields in the North Sea. As part of this two year course each student will experience four work placements working for the different operators at the plant, so this trip provides them all with a taster of what is to come.”

Steve Morris, Plant Manager for Shell at St Fergus said, “We are proud to be working with NESCol to deliver our Shell Engineering Scheme. We believe it’s vital that we highlight the STEM careers available to young people, especially in the Energy Industry. Through the programme we hope to inspire the next generation of engineers whose skills will be in demand as we addresses global energy challenges.”

The Shell Engineering Scheme is offered by NESCol exclusively at Fraserburgh Campus.  In addition to the work placements selected students will work towards achieving four engineering qualifications plus a leadership award.

Anyone interested in finding out more should attend the Open Day on Thursday 14 November from 4pm-7pm, where the Shell Engineering Scheme will be in action showcasing some of the activities involved in the course.