NESCol proud to support Colleges Scotland’s Digital Ambition

October 9, 2020

In a world of virtual and blended learning, working from home, and increased online communication, digital skills have never been more important.

In a document published today, College’s Scotland have outlined the Digital Ambition for Scotland’s Colleges – which NESCol is proud to be supporting.

The Digital Ambitions have been developed and agreed following consultation with hundreds of practitioners from across Scotland, alongside discussions with key partners in digital industries. It aims to put Scotland’s Colleges at the forefront of digital learning and teaching; to allow them to work in partnership with businesses and communities, and enhance opportunities for economic growth.

To meet the ambitions, Colleges will need to:

  • Encourage innovation and research informed practice to ensure inclusive, accessible approaches and digital teaching to enhance the learner’s experience
  • Seamlessly integrate digital technology into delivery of learning and assessment, and systems to support learning, teaching and assessment
  • Equip learners and staff with the digital capabilities, pedagogy and confidence they will need to succeed in everyday life, in learning and in work
  • Ensure that learners are digitally well educated, skilled and able to contribute to society, in support of the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework

Neil Cowie, Principal of North East Scotland College, said: “NESCol has been at the forefront of digital innovation in the college sector and that work over a number of years has given us a strong platform to build from in what have been unique circumstances this year.

“The national Digital Ambition is something we are proud to support and to play a key role in delivering, both in terms of the College’s approach to online learning and teaching as well as in the way we shape our curriculum to support the North East economy.

“Innovation will be integral to the region’s future prosperity and at NESCol we are enthusiastic about the opportunities to embrace digital in new and exciting ways.”

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