Stanford University guest shares computing expertise

September 20, 2022

NESCol computing students have been encouraged to embrace the potential of Artificial Intelligence during workshops led by a Stanford University expert.

Parth Sarin, an instructor and student at the renowned American institution, worked with level 5 and level 6 groups at the College this week as a guest lecturer.

He led sessions focusing on AI and ethics, exploring the way in which bias and its impact can be identified and reduced in AI systems.

Parth said: “The way that algorithms reproduce societal biases is something that computing students should be aware of early in their career. I hope they will be comfortable identifying bias and know some of the techniques to combat it and design for justice.

“In my work during the week at NESCol we talked about numerous examples of bias, from facial recognition to predictive policing and loan approval to hiring algorithms. It was lovely to see the students bring their own voices and experiences into the classroom and engage with the material so holistically.”

Ian Simpson, a lecturer in Data Science and Software Development at NESCol, said: “I have collaborated with Parth previously and he is an inspiration to anyone with ambitions to study computing science.

“His contribution has been incredibly valuable to our students and we are grateful for his input. It has laid very strong foundations for the new session.”

Stanford University, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is recognised as one of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions.