Ami Batchelor

Business & Management

HND Advertising & PR

“This course will benefit you in more ways than one and the lecturers are some of the best people you’ll get to meet.”

HND Advertising and PR student Ami Batchelor has found success on social media thanks to a digital media coursework project from the second year of the course.

During her first week at College, Ami found out she was pregnant with her daughter Xena. Despite initially feeling worried about how this could impact her studies, support from her lecturers and classmates meant that Ami was able to thrive.

She said, “After taking time to figure it all out I spoke to my lecturers about my pregnancy. They were supportive and never gave up on me throughout the two years. I finished first year with an A and second year with a B.”

When Ami’s class were presented with the brief for their Digital Media project in second year, Xena became Ami’s inspiration, and she created the Instagram account @TheBudgetWeaner.

“I decided on an account that focused on baby-led weaning as I’d seen similar pages and love to cook. The accounts I had seen always showed fancy meals with ingredients that were expensive or hard to find, so I focused on how to cook healthy food for a baby on a budget. I continued my page after the module ended and it has been quite successful for us!”

In fact, the account has been so successful that Ami was selected from 200 applicants as one of two contributors to a cookbook being produced by women’s rights charity Engendered.

“We have been working with Engendered, helping to create a cookbook which will be provided to women who work as home-cooks in India. They said I was picked as they loved my story and thought it could help empower other women, especially young mothers.”

Ami is extremely grateful for the opportunities her time at College has given her, and would recommend the Advertising and PR course to anyone who is thinking of applying:

“This course will benefit you in more ways than one and the lecturers are some of the best people you’ll get to meet. Lisa and Jamie are amazing at what they do and even try to make the more boring subjects fun.

“I’ve been to other colleges and university and the experience I’ve had at NESCol has been miles above. No matter what, you’ll have support around you and, as long as you make the effort, so will the lecturers.

“I’d definitely recommend that, if you’re going through hardships, reach out so they’re aware because they will be understanding and help you through. I’d also definitely say to anyone with children who wants to return to education but is doubting themselves: definitely just go for it. There’s so much support and advice available for them to get through College and achieve their NC, HNC or HND or all of the above.”

Alongside continuing to run her Instagram account, Ami is looking forward to progressing to RGU after summer, and is hoping to continue her education with a postgraduate qualification in primary education.