Jennifer Taylor


Social Services Children and Young People, SCQF Level 7

“I started out as the lunch lady at one nursery and now I am the Manager of Peek-a-Boo nursery. I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship – I would do it again.”

Jennifer Taylor completed her SVQ Level 3 in Childcare apprenticeship and then moved to a new position as the Manager of Peek-a-boo nursery in Fraserburgh.

She said, “I’m a busy mum of 2 and I work full time so the apprenticeship gave me that freedom to study and learn in my own time. It also allowed me to combine the learning I was taking from apprenticeship into practice and it definitely gave me the confidence and the support along my journey.

“I could complete tasks in my own time and I quite enjoyed getting up early on a Saturday to just work through things. You definitely have to be self-disciplined otherwise you could fall behind quite quickly. I thought the support was second to none from my tutor – she was always at the end of an email or a phone call.

“After I completed my own apprenticeship I actually mentored a colleague through theirs which I really enjoyed.

“Further study is in my 5 year plan, I would like eventually like to take on a BA but at the moment it’s just the excitement of getting in and getting going as service providers.”

Jennifer is keen to work with the College in the future.

“Once I’m established I would like to offer NESCol students the opportunity of a hands-on work experience so that they can gain an insight into the industry.”