Kerynn Anderson

Distance Learning

National 5 Maths

“I’m taking a distance learning college course at the age of 40 to achieve the qualifications I’m capable of.”

Kerynn Anderson from Kintore has always had an affinity for numbers however she didn’t apply herself at school. Now that her children are older – 10 and 12 – she finally has a little bit of breathing space to revisit her maths qualifications and improve on her previous grades through the distance learning option available at Nescol.

Kerynn said: “It was my friend who really encouraged me to go for it. I’ve always been too busy – either holding down jobs to pay the bills or raising my kids – to return to education. But now that I have a bit of time to myself I am keen to set a good example – so last year I took the plunge and started my National 5 maths. The College has been very supportive – helping me understand the process and what’s involved.

“I do most of my studying while the kids are asleep or at school. I even take my textbook to the pool while they’re in swimming. The textbook is divided into 3 units and there are four milestones for each unit. There’s also some online work to do on SCHOLAR and a test for each topic. At the end of each unit, I go into college for an assessment. If I have a problem or difficulty, I contact my lecturer and we chat over email.”