Maureen Morgan


Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship

“I look to get my Crane Op tickets which will make me the first female Crane Operator in the North Sea.”

Maureen Morgan has ambitions to be the first female Crane Operator in the North Sea for the Sparrows Group. Following the completion of her Mechanical Engineering apprenticeship, Maureen – as part of the mechanical team tasked with a crane service offshore – expressed an interest in the crane operator role.

Sparrows Group have enabled Maureen to start this journey and she has left the workshop in Bridge of Don (Aberdeen) behind to become a member of the flying squad. As part of this team Maureen will go offshore and develop her knowledge and understanding of cranes across all the engineering disciplines.

“This is so exciting”, she comments, “and very different from when I first left school and began working in the care sector. I knew then that I wanted to work in a practical environment so I left my job and enrolled on an automotive course at College.  Whilst I was there I found myself drawn to the mechanical workshop so much so that the following year I enrolled onto the Performing Engineering Operations in Mechanical Engineering.

“After that I completed my NC then HNC Mechanical Engineering before getting my job with Sparrows. I had to work really hard at College, particularly at the maths side, but when I set my mind to something there’s no stopping me.”

Maureen is a finalist in NESCol’s Apprentice of the Year 2020 awards.