Svetlana Mateeva


NC Electrical Engineering SCQF Level 5

“College has improved my confidence –the lecturers guide you allowing you to work independently so that you feel a sense of achievement when something works! The atmosphere is very positive, no matter what country you come from and what language you speak.

In her home country of Bulgaria Svetlana Mateeva studied Computing and Communications and worked as an English teacher. When she moved to the UK to focus on her English she was keen to continue studying but in quite a different direction.

She had always enjoyed maths and had covered some electrical content as part of her earlier course, so when she saw an ad on Facebook for engineering she thought “Why not?”

Svetlana began a new chapter in her story enrolling on Performing Engineering Operations – Electrical. Predominantly based in the workshop focusing on practical skills this course was ideal for Svetlana as it was hands on. She enjoys learning thorough doing and seeing the results of her efforts. Svetlana found herself to be the only female in the class. “It didn’t make any difference at all,” she said. “I was slightly apprehensive at first but the lecturers and students treated me no differently. I don’t even think about it now.”

Svetlana wants to become an engineer, a good one and her journey continues as she has progressed onto the NC Electrical Engineering Level 5. Given the restrictions that are in place due to Covid 19 much of the teaching to date is based online.

“We are now in this new era of blended learning and so far it’s great. Tutors are really helpful and explain the material very well, allowing us to ask questions and are very approachable , via e-mail as well,” she said.

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