Tiana Milne-Wilson

Music, Sound Production & Drama

HND Acting & Performance

“My time at college really helped me grow. It gave me the foundation on which to continue building skills and confidence.”

Tiana Milne-Wilson had always enjoyed performing, but it wasn’t until she enrolled on the HND Acting & Performance course at North East Scotland College in 2015 that she was able to thrive in a group of likeminded student performers.

She said, “I really enjoyed getting to work with people properly. It was a great experience! I learnt a lot about myself and the type of worker/performer I am, and it certainly prepared me for the workload in continuing on to university. I’d originally thought I’d be ready to go straight on to a university course or a conservatoire after school, but I definitely wasn’t. Not to mention I met my absolute best friend there too, so that’s a bonus!”

After completing her HND in 2017, Tiana moved on to study BA(Hons) Acting for Stage & Screen at Queen Margaret University & Edinburgh Napier University, from where she graduated in 2019 with a first-class honours degree and an agent.

“Getting to work with the TV Production students at College was an especially amazing experience because it allowed us to explore a medium that not a lot of other college students in Scotland get to experience at that level. Additionally, getting to do this also set me up for what I would be experiencing in university. It helped me be more comfortable with what I was doing when we were doing it at a higher level.”

As well as academic success, Tiana’s career as a performer has been thriving. Since graduating, she has taken part in the Edinburgh Fringe; recorded a children’s radio drama called ‘The Space Programme’ with Bafflegab Productions; starred as the prince in a pantomime at Howden Park Centre in Livingston; and had many auditions.

She is currently working with Inspire Theatre Workshops – a company that focuses on child development through song, dance, drama and games – in a role she absolutely loves.

“I LOVE getting to see my kids every week – their little smiling faces really do brighten up your week. And knowing you’re bringing joy to them while helping them build confidence, patience and kindness is so rewarding. It’s been a real confidence booster for me – it keeps you playing and having fun week-to-week. It’s a constant reminder to keep your chin up.”

Tiana is extremely grateful for her time at North East Scotland College and the start it gave her in her career.

“My time at college really helped me grow. It gave me the foundation on which to continue building skills and confidence. Most importantly, I didn’t leave college with a skewed idea of what setting out into the performance industry would be like. We were made very aware of how hard it is and how much you have to work at it and make connections.”

To anyone thinking of studying Acting and Performance at NESCol, Tiana has the following advice:

 “Make the most of your time there. Parents always say that this time flies, but it really has done for me, and I’m glad I didn’t waste any of my learning and development time. Put yourself and your needs first. Make friends. If you need to, talk to your teachers and peers – especially if you’re struggling – no matter the reason, because they will understand and help. And have fun!

“I think it’s also important to recognise that if you truly enjoy the work you’re doing, and the learning that comes with it, then you’re on the right path for you. But you have to be strong, and resilient too when you’re heading down a creative path!