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An overview of essential information for students at NESCol

College Calendars provide you with information on important dates throughout the Academic Year, including block start and end dates, resulting week dates and various holiday periods.

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IT Essentials

Getting logged in to College computers and systems

You have enrolled on to your course. What next? You will be provided with an eight-digit student number and a default password.

When first logging into any College system, you must enter your Student Number as your username and your DEFAULT password, which will be in this format:

  1. Uppercase first character of your forename
  2. Lowercase first character of your surname
  3. Date of birth DD/MM/YY

E.g. John Smith, with a date of birth 20/07/92, will have a password of: Js200792

Once you’ve logged in, the first thing you should do is access the Password+ page from Blackboard to change your password and set up your security questions. By setting up a Password+ account you have complete control over your password and can reset or change your password at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection.


To connect your computer or mobile device to the College’s WiFi network, simply select the NESCol WiFi network. After you have set this up once, your device should connect to the WiFi network automatically when at the College. If you need any support with this please contact the Student IT HelpZone.

Please note that your use of the College’s WiFi Network is subject to the College’s Acceptable Use Policy for Students.

There are many things that you have to be aware of as a student. This includes things like course funding, childcare and grants, as well as other essentials that affect your life outside of College, such as accommodation, council tax and insurance.

Find out more about funding for students, benefits and childcare funding.

Whilst at College, your student card will also act as a ‘Smart Card’ which you can swipe to login to and use College printers. The card also incorporates the National Entitlement Card and, for those who are of age, the Young Scot Card. It comes with lots of great perks, including discounts in various shops and restaurants, and reduced fares on public transport.

Submitting a photo

You’ll be sent an email to notify you of when you can upload your photograph for your card. Please do not forward this email to any other student for them to attempt to upload their own photo, as the link is unique to you and will overwrite the photo you have uploaded. Photos must be in the correct format using the guidelines below or they will be rejected and this may hold up your card being produced.

Photo guidelines:

  • Photo should be in ‘passport style’ (in colour, including your head and shoulders)
  • Framed centrally so that your face is entirely visible
  • Subject should be directly facing the camera (no in a posed position or oblique)
  • Subject should be against a plain, neutral background (light in colour)
  • There should be a good contrast between you and the background
  • The photo should be well lit with no strong shadows
  • You should not wear a hat or head covering (unless for religious or medical reasons)
  • The image file should be: 250×330 pixel 100dpi 24-bit colour JPEG

It is not acceptable to upload a photograph where your face is partially hidden, you area wearing sunglasses, there is more than one person in the photo or you are so far away from the camera that your face is not clearly visible/recognisable.

Once your photo has been uploaded you will receive an email letting you know if it’s been approved or rejected. If it’s been rejected the reason will be in the subject of the email.

Collecting your card

Your card will be ready to collect once you are enrolled on your course. The College will contact you by email to let you know where and when you can collect your card, and what you need to bring with you.

Smartcards are free of charge, and every full-time student is entitled to one. If you lose your card, you will be required to pay £5 for a replacement.


Please contact the Student Advice Centre for more information on student cards:

There are lots of ways to keep in touch with the College, and stay updated on all things NESCol – whether it’s events, important announcements or student showcases.

Social Media

One of the best way to stay ‘in the know’ is to follow us on social media.

For a list of all social media pages, including the official pages and course/facility-specific pages, visit our Social Media webpage.

Student Email

It’s very important to check your student email account regularly, as this is the main method of communication that the College use to provide you with important information about your course, student support and other key aspects of being at student at the College. It is also the way that the Students’ Association will use to update you on key developments or opportunities.

Curriculum Contacts

Aberdeen Altens Campus

Engineering, Automotive and Construction

Pat Cromar, Head of Faculty
Telephone: 01224 612223

Aberdeen City Campus
Art, Visual Communication, Textiles, Photography, Music, Sound Production, Drama, 3D Animation, Media and TV

Elaine Makein, Head of Faculty
Telephone: 01224 612099

Business, Administration, Accountancy, PR & Advertising, Legal Studies and ESOL

Robert Laird, Head of Faculty
Telephone: 01224 612052

Hair, Beauty and Sport

Lesley Ingram, Head of Faculty
Telephone: 01224 612034

Health Care, Social Care and Childcare

Trish Swan, Head of Faculty
Telephone: 01224 612036

Computing and Science

Cameron Walker, Head of Faculty
Telephone: 01224 612032

Social Sciences, Tourism, Hospitality and Events

Brian Dunn, Head of Faculty
Telephone: 01224 612276

Fraserburgh Campus
Engineering, Automotive, Construction, Computing and Science

Kevin Bruce, Head of Faculty
Telephone: 01346 586127

Floristry, Sport, Hair & Beauty, Care, ESOL, Social Sciences, Learning Opportunities and Hospitality

Alesia Du Plessis, Head of Faculty
Telephone: 01346 586160


To book an appointment with a Student Adviser to discuss the support on offer to students, including funding and learning support:
Telephone: 01224 612284

For general enquiries:
Telephone: 01224 612330


For Library+ contact details and opening hours at each campus, please visit the Library+ page.

For IT facility contact details and opening hours, including the IT HelpZone, please visit the IT Facilities page.