School Engagement

North East Scotland College works with schools to enhance pupils, parents and teachers’ understanding of College — either as a positive destination post-school, or as a partner who delivers courses that are integrated into the school experience.

This engagement takes a number of forms, which are outlined below.

We offer talks on a variety of subjects for a range of audiences. Talks can be delivered to pupils, parents/carers, and/or teachers. The contents of a talk can be tailored to suit your needs, but can include:

  • Studying full-time at NESCol
  • Studying at College as part of a school timetable
  • Foundation Apprenticeships
  • Our campuses, courses and facilities
  • Pathways from full-time study to university
  • Pathways from full-time study to employment
  • Student support and funding
  • The NESCol application process
  • Curriculum specific information sessions
  • And much more.

Enquire about a talk for your pupils

If you are hosting a career event, options evening, industry pathway event, or similar, we would be delighted to attend. We will always look to fulfil your needs with our attendance, including:

  • Providing general information about College to attendees (including full time and schools courses)
  • Providing advice on curriculum areas of particular interest identified by you
  • Allowing attendees to get hands-on with portable practical activities at our stand
  • Combining our presence at a stand with a talk (either general or curriculum-specific)

Enquire about attendance at a career event

We welcome small groups of pupils and/or teachers to our three main campuses (Aberdeen City, Altens and Fraserburgh) for a tour of our facilities. This could be a general tour of the campus, or could be tailored to explore facilities of particular interest to your group.

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A NESCol Roadshow would see a number of curriculum teams visit your school with portable practical activities. This would allow pupils the opportunity to have a hands-on experience whilst finding out about the pathways available to them at College. It is a great way for young people to find out about what options are available, and discuss those options with curriculum experts.

Please note that, while we try to accommodate every request for a Roadshow, the availability of our teams may limit the number we can offer in an academic year.

Enquire about a NESCol Roadshow

If you have a group of pupils who are interested in a specific industry, our curriculum teams may be able to offer insight into this, including information on the sector itself as well as pathways into the industry through College. This could include:

  • A talk
  • A hands-on activity
  • A practical demonstration
  • A general information session

These could be delivered in school or in College (some subject areas may be in-College only for practical sessions).

Enquire about a curriculum-specific activity

If your pupils or their parents/carers want to know more about Foundation Apprenticeships, we can visit the school to share more information about this exciting pathway. This could be in the form of a talk, or an informal conversation, which would cover:

  • What is an FA ?
  • Benefits of an FA
  • Employer engagement and how it works
  • How an FA is assessed
  • Progression pathways from an FA
  • How to apply

Enquire about a Foundation Apprenticeship Workshop

Working in partnership

If you would like the College to engage with your school in a way that is not listed on this page, please let us know. We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements to see how we can work together to fulfil your request.

Email with your requirments