Introduction (SCQF Level 5)


1 year


Options Available


  • Social Sciences


  • Aberdeen City Campus
  • Fraserburgh Campus

Why take this course?

The course is suitable for all learners with an interest in developing their knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and criminal behaviour, either to pursue study and career options related to sociology, psychology or criminology and to broaden their learning experience.

Learners will probably have little or no prior experience of studying these subjects, but an interest in human behaviour, crime and life experience provides a good foundation to progress to this qualification.

What you will experience

As an introduction to the social sciences and criminology, you will develop knowledge and understanding of aspects of sociology and psychology focusing on culture and identity, social behaviour, and understanding of the different types of physical evidence available at a crime scene, the importance of preserving evidence and how this evidence is utilised. The importance of research and an evidence-based approach in the social sciences to understanding human behaviour and criminal behaviour.

You will be taught in College by a College lecturer. You will be taught by means of traditional teaching and lecturing, and also by means of presentations, class discussions and group work activities. Regular class debates will form an integral part of the course, and the use of online resources will encourage you to explore and research key issues in everyday life.

You will be expected to demonstrate:

  • Good organisational and timekeeping skills
  • An interest in the course content and a commitment to learning
  • An ability to work independently