Fraserburgh Ceremony

11:00am on Saturday 21 September at Fraserburgh Campus.

The Ceremony

The ceremony for Fraserburgh Campus students and those learning in the workplace in the Fraserburgh area will take place on Saturday 21 September at our Fraserburgh Campus at 11:00am.

Book your place at Graduation


Please note that you must book your place through our partner Ede & Ravenscroft to attend our 2024 Graduation Ceremonies.

Tickets, both free guest tickets and any additional purchased tickets, will be sent in September via email.


These are the key things that need to be done ahead of graduation, it’s important that they are booked in advance.

On the day

Arrive in plenty of time

Please make sure that you arrive in plenty of time!

Directions to Fraserburgh Campus, Henderson Road, Fraserburgh AB43 9GA

Car parking

Visitors may use the College car parks. There is limited parking in the surrounding streets but we ask that you are mindful of our neighbours and do not cause any obstructions.


Registration opens at 9:30am.

Academic robes

Upon registering, students collect their robes and can have photographs taken.

Please arrive in plenty of time – students should be robed 30 minutes ahead of the ceremony start time where they will move to an allocated area to receive instruction on the ceremonial procession.

Dress code

In keeping with academic dress, you are requested to wear a white/light coloured top/shirt/tie and dark skirt/dress/trousers or national dress. 



At 10:30am Graduands will be asked to move into designated rooms to be lined up for their ‘Grand Entrance’.


Guests are free to sit in any area which is not reserved.

We ask that you be seated by 10:40am.

Telephones should be switched off or on silent mode.


Upon registering, students collect their robes and can have photographs taken.

Photographs will also be taken when graduands cross the stage to accept their award. These photos can be bought on the day – no booking required.

Use of cameras

Cameras are allowed, but we ask that you refrain from using flash photography.


The ceremony will be filmed so that it can be shared in real-time on big screens.

What to expect

At the start of the ceremony

When the ceremony is about to commence guests will be asked to stand for the arrival of the Graduands followed by the Academic Procession. Once the Academic Procession is seated you will be asked to sit and the ceremony will commence.


The ceremony should take approximately 60 minutes.

At the end of the ceremony

Immediately after the ceremony, you will be asked to stand as the Academic Procession leaves.

Graduates will then be asked to make their way out of the atrium, in order, starting from the first row facing the stage. Once the Graduates have all left, guests can follow behind them to the reception area.

Celebratory reception

Graduates and guests are warmly invited to celebrate and join us for a light refreshment following the ceremony.

graduates and guests

Get in touch

Email with questions about graduation.


If you or any of your guests have a disability or require assistance with entry to or seating at the venue, please contact