My Application Checklist

Making you aware of important stages in the application process.

Applying for a place on a full-time course at North East Scotland College couldn’t be easier!

You can apply for a course with us at the same time as applying to other colleges or universities, and all you have to do is submit a completed application form — online or on paper.

You’ll find lots of useful information on our application process below.


Any questions?

If you can’t decide which course is best for you, please make an appointment with one of our Student Advisers:

Student Advice Centre
Telephone: 01224 612330 (Aberdeen City Campus); 01224 612704 (Aberdeen Altens Campus); 01346 586163 (Fraserburgh Campus)

Where can I find course information?

Course information is available in the courses section of the website or in the College’s Full-time Prospectus.

We want you to be successful in achieving your qualification, so it’s very important to consider which level of study is most applicable to you: Introductory, Non-advanced or Advanced.


Remember, don’t leave it too late to apply!

Some courses are in very high demand, so you may not be offered a place on your first choice of course. In the unfortunate circumstance that we are unable to offer you a place, you will be put on a waiting list and we’ll keep in touch. There are always people who change their mind and places can become available throughout the summer, even on high demand courses.

Online Applications

We encourage online applications wherever possible – to start the process, just select the Apply Online button against the location that best suits you of your chosen course. If you apply online you will receive an acknowledgement straight away. If you don’t receive an email then please ensure to check your junk mail box just in case, or contact the Student Advice Centre.

Paper Applications

If you wish to apply using a paper application, simply complete all of the required information and return your application to the College using the address noted on the form. You will receive a letter acknowledging your application. If you have not heard within 10 working days please contact the Student Advice Centre. If for some reason we are unable to process your course booking, we will contact you directly.

The Application Form

You will be asked a number of questions when completing you application, such as:

  • If you are a UK National and have lived in Scotland all your life: This helps us determine what your eligibility might be for course fees and funding.
  • Address and contact details: This is so we can contact you with important information about your application.
  • Qualifications you have or are working towards: This is so we can determine whether the course you are applying for is at the appropriate level for you.
  • Tell us your story so far: This is so that you can – in your own words – tell us a bit about yourself!

Please ensure that you list all your qualifications and any information that you feel is relevant to your application. Failure to provide all information requested will hold up the application process, as your application will have to be returned to you.

You will also be asked about whether you are care experienced, or have responsibilities as a young carer, and whether or not you require childcare and/or transport to College (Fraserburgh Campus only), so that we are aware of your circumstances and can provide adequate support. In addition, you will be asked to complete a short Equal Opportunities Monitoring questionnaire – this is so we can ensure that no individual is discriminated against on the grounds of age, gender, ethnic origin, disability, relationship status and religion or belief.

Tell us your story so far

This section is not mandatory.

However, should you wish to add something to support your application. We recommend that you prepare something in advance, then simply paste it into the application form. This will allow you to use a spell–checker and avoid the page timing out if it takes more than 20 minutes to enter your information.

It’s your chance to show what makes you unique. It’s particularly important for courses that are popular and attract more applicants than places and where you will have to convince the course selection panel that you are the best applicant.


Interview Invitation

After applying for your course, you will receive an email or letter confirming your application. If you meet the entry requirements or are working towards the entry requirements for your chosen course, there will be information on how to select an interview date and time.

You will be able to select your interview date from a list of dates and times. Please be sure you choose an interview date and time or you will not receive an invitation. If you have applied using a paper form, or have not provided us with an up-to-date email address, then you will be sent an invitation in the post. If you applied online please ensure that you check your junk email folder to ensure you receive any communications from the College that may have been redirected there.

If you find you are no longer able to attend, that isn’t a problem, you can change it, but it’s important you make your appointment as soon as possible, as offers are only subject to availability.

Attend your Interview

If any information is sent to you about your interview, please ensure you read it carefully. Most interviews are group interviews, so you will meet some of the other applicants who are hoping to join the course.

The interview allows College staff to assess whether applicants are suitable for the course and whether the course is suitable. Applicants are requested to bring the following items to their interview:

  • Printed copy of their personal statement
  • Printed copy of their CV
  • Any certificates showing qualifications gained
  • Evidence of any work experience (employer references, etc.)

Please note that evidence of prior work experience is especially relevant for those who do not meet the entry requirements for the course they are applying for, and are therefore relying on previous relevant work experience to gain entry. It is also relevant for those who must evidence a certain number of volunteering hours to gain entry to their course.

More generally, taking copies of the above, where applicable, will strongly support your application and interview.

Please note that failure to attend your selected interview date and time will lead to your application being withdrawn.

After your Interview

After your interview, the College will decide whether to offer you a place on the course, and which type of offer you will receive within 10 working days.

You will be notified whether or not your application was successful.

Conditional Offer

A Conditional Offer means you must satisfy the conditions set out in your offer in order to gain a place.

Full Offer

A Full Offer means you can join the course with your existing qualifications and there are no conditions attached to your offer.

When you receive your offer you must accept or reject your offer within 10 working days – failure to do so may lead to your application being withdrawn.

If your application has been unsuccessful, you will be advised on your next steps.

Full offers

Once the College is in a position to make you a full offer, you will receive a letter confirming this. At the bottom of the letter you will find a tear-off slip. You should complete this and return it to the College to confirm whether or not you are accepting your place on the course within two weeks – failure to do so may mean that your place is lost.

The next step is to attend an induction session. Once dates are available, they will be listed on the College website.

Conditional offers and exam results

You will be sent a Conditional Offer confirming what conditions you must meet and who to contact once you receive your exam results. If you receive this type of offer you must accept or reject the offer within two weeks – failure to do so may mean that your place is lost.

  • If you pass your exams and meet the conditions of the offer you must contact us using the details given to you in the letter/email.
  • If you do not meet the conditions in the letter we ask you to email the College Administrators on as soon as possible or alternatively call on 01224 612301 and they can arrange for a member of the teaching team to contact you to discuss your options.

In all cases applicants need to email a copy of their results to as teaching teams will ask for copies of their certificates before changing an offer from conditional to full.

Please remember, you may still be considered for a place if you have not achieved what was required if you have a marginal fail, or we may be able to offer you a place on an alternative course.

Once you receive an offer, either conditional or full, you will also receive an email inviting you to make your funding application. Please follow the instructions, and apply as early as you can to ensure that your payments are set up from the start of the College year.


North East Scotland College offers a wide range of learning support to students who have additional learning or support requirements including physical or sensory impairments; Autistic Spectrum Disorder; specific learning difficulties such as Dyslexia; physical, medical or mental health conditions; being a young carer; and being looked after or a care leaver.

If you think you may need additional support in College, we would encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to allow us to consider how we can support you, should you be accepted on to your course. Initial enquiries should be made to:

The closing date for applying for a NESCol Student Card has now passed and we are unable to issue any more cards this session.

You can still apply for an NUS Student Card. These are accepted nationwide and can give access to a variety of discounts in shops and online. You can apply for this card and find out more information here:

In addition to this, there are websites students can sign up to which enable a wide range of discounts both online and in shops.

Student Beans


If you would like proof of being a student at NESCol, we can issue you with a Student Confirmation Letter and you can request this by using the link on My NESCol or email with your full name, student number, current course code and details on why you need the letter. We will then issue a letter to you within five working days.

Don’t worry! If you are unsure about the course you have applied for and require further information, have changed your mind and want to apply for a different course, or if you wish to withdraw your application altogether, then please contact the Student Advice Centre.

North East Scotland College welcomes students from all over the world, so there are international students studying in departments across the College – many choosing to study within our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) department.

The College offers a wide range of support to those from another country, who are choosing to study at NESCol. This includes advice on how to choose a course, any relevant English language requirements for your chosen course, and general information on living and studying in Scotland.

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